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Legal mentions

Welcome to the website “” (hereinafter “the Site”).

In conformity with the law, we invite you to read the present conditions of use (hereinafter the “Conditions”), and all the specific conditions featuring on the pages of the Site “” that  govern its use by you.

These Conditions concern your rights and applicable legal responsibilities when you use this Site.

This Site is made available to you free of charge (excluding the cost of accessing it) for your personal use, provided that you conform to the Conditions set out below.

By accessing this Site, by visiting it and/or by using it, you acknowledge that you have understood these Conditions and accept to be bound by them, and that you undertake to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations. Please do not use this Internet Site if you do not accept these Conditions.

You undertake to access the information featuring on this Site only for personal and non-commercial use.

You may only use this Site for legitimate purposes; no improper use or misappropriation is permitted, notably for purposes contrary to public order and decency.

The content of these legal mentions may be revised, therefore we advise you to consult them very regularly.

1. General information

The present site is the property of CNR, the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, a joint stock company in the public interest with a paid up capital of €5,488,164, enrolled on the trade registry of Lyon under number 957 520 901. Its intracommunity VAT number is FR 59 957520901.

CNR’s head office is located at 2 rue André Bonin 69316 Lyon cedex 04, France. Telephone: +33 4 72 00 69 69.

The person responsible for the publication is Sylvain Colas, Director of Communication of CNR.

The site is published by ACTI Lyon – 289 rue Garibaldi – 69007 Lyon.

The site is hosted by OVH – 2 rue Kellermann – 59100 Roubaix.

2. Disclaimer of liability or guarantee

As a user of the Site you acknowledge that you have the capacity and the resources required to access and use this Site.

CNR and its contributors do their utmost to ensure that the information displayed on this Site is exact and updated, by reserving the right to modify its contents at any time and without notice. However, they cannot guarantee that this information is complete, nor can they guarantee that it will not be modified by a third party (hacking, virus). CNR and its contributors also disclaim any liability (direct or indirect) in the case of delay, error or omission regarding the content and use of these pages, likewise in the case of interruption or non-availability of the service.

You acknowledge that you have been informed that the Site can be accessed 24/7, except in the case of force majeure, computer problems, difficulties linked to the structure of the telecommunications networks or other technical problems. CNR may interrupt its site for maintenance reasons. It will endeavour to warn the users. CNR is not responsible for delays, problems of utilisation, or incompatibility between the present Site and files, your browser or any other programme used to access the Site.

CNR can in no way be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from or consecutive to the diffusion by a third party of a virus via our Site and liable to infect your computer system following your connection to this Site, your use of this Site or while browsing it. Likewise, CNR cannot be held responsible for any material or related damage (including, but limited to, technical failure, the disclosure of confidential documents, the loss of data), or any other indirect damage whatsoever occurring during, or linked to, the use of the Site.

CNR undertakes to do its utmost to ensure the exactitude and updating of the information disseminated on the Site, the content of which it reserves the right to correct at any time without notice. Nonetheless, CNR and its contributors provide no guarantee or in any way take responsibility regarding the suitability, correct order, exactitude, absence of errors, veracity, newness, fair and commercial nature, quality, soundness, and availability of the information contained on this Site. Each web user is fully responsible for the risks linked to the value they place in this information. Wrong information or omissions may be observed due in particular to typographical or page layout errors. If you observe several errors, please inform us of them so that we can make the appropriate corrections.

The elements of the Site are provided “as they are” without any guarantee of any kind, whether implicit or explicit. CNR categorically refutes any interpretation aimed at likening the content of the Site to offers of purchase or encouragements to purchase shares or other listed or unlisted stocks in CNR, in any of its direct or indirect subsidiaries or affiliated companies.

CNR reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify any element of the Site. CNR may decide to modify the present conditions in the framework of its Site updating and optimisation policy .

Any dated information published on the Site holds good only for the date specified.

In addition, no confidentiality is ensured for correspondence transmitted on the network and each Internet user must take all appropriate measures in order to protect their data and/or software from possible contamination by viruses circulating on the Internet.

The Site gives access to other CNR Internet sites liable to have their own legal mentions that should be consulted and complied with.

3. Management of access codes and passwords

Certain services on the Site require an access code and a password.

These access codes and passwords are confidential, personal, inalienable and cannot be transferred. You are responsible for managing, conserving and using them. You are also responsible for taking the measures required to protect them and conserve them. CNR can in no way be held liable for any inappropriate use.

For reasons of security, access to secured sections shall be automatically invalidated following several unsuccessful attempts. CNR reserves the right to suspend access to the Site in the case of fraudulent utilisation or an attempt to hack a password or access code. You will be informed if your access has been suspended by CNR.

Safeguards performed by the computer system of the Internet site during logins entered by the user shall provide proof of any act carried out by the user of the Site and proof of treatment of said act.

4. Intellectual property

The entire Site is subject to French legislation on copyright, trademarks and in a general way, intellectual property.

CNR’s trademarks and logos (semi-figurative symbols) featuring on the Site are registered. Any whole or partial reproduction or representation, alone or combined with other elements, without prior, express and written authorisation from CNR is strictly forbidden.

The general structure, software, texts, images, videos, sounds, knowhow, animations, and more generally any information and content featuring on the Site are the property of CNR and are subject to rights of use and exploitation. These items are subject to the law on copyright.

Any whole or partial representation, modification, reproduction, distortion of the Site or its content by any process whatsoever, and on any medium whatsoever, shall constitute an act of forgery sanctioned by articles L 335-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code.

The present Conditions do not confer to you any licence to use CNR’s trademarks, logos or photographs.

The databases, if any, featuring on the Site are protected by provisions relating to the legal protection of databases. By virtue of this, CNR expressly prohibits any reutilisation, reproduction or extraction of items of these databases. The user shall be held liable in the case of any unauthorised reutilisation, reproduction or extraction.

CNR reserves the right to delete immediately, and without prior notice, any content, namely messages, texts, images or graphs that violate the laws and regulations in force and in particular the regulations stipulated above.

If you wish to use one of the contents of the Site (text, image, etc.), you must obtain prior, express and written authorisation from CNR, by writing to the address indicated in the “legal information” paragraph or by sending an email to the webmaster.

5. Respect of privacy

As a user of the Site you are bound to conform to the applicable laws and in particular to the law on computer data and personal liberty of 6 January 1978 the violation of which is subject to penal sanctions.

In particular, you must abstain from any improper collection or use of nominative information that you access, and more generally, any act liable to violate the privacy, honour, sensitivity, corporate image, reputation of any person, natural or legal, and in particular CNR, by avoiding any mention, message or text of a defamatory, provocative, malicious, slanderous or threatening nature on any medium whatsoever.

6. Personal data

CNR respects the private life of its users and undertakes to ensure that all the information it receives is considered as confidential. In conformity with the Law on computer files and personal liberty of 6 January 1978, you are hereby informed that the information you communicate permits responding to your requests and is intended solely for CNR, which is responsible for its processing for administrative and commercial purposes.

In order to satisfy your needs and while you browse on the Site, CNR may be led to collecting personal data concerning you and subjecting it to computer processing (as certain information indicated with an asterisk is mandatory).

It is your responsibility to check that the information you provide on this Site is exact and complete. Please inform us immediately of any change in the information provided so we can follow-up your demands efficiently.

The information collected is intended solely for CNR, which is authorised by the present provisions, unless you express your opposition, to store and use it in order to inform you of its products and services.

You can oppose the use of the data concerning you for prospection purposes.

To exercise your rights of access, correction and opposition, please contact us at:

2, rue André Bonin
69004 Lyon
Tel.: 33 (0)4 72 00 69 69

The Site is not intended to receive confidential data concerning you. Therefore, and except for the personal data mentioned above, any information in whatever form – document, data, graph, question, suggestion, concept, comment, or other – that you communicate to us on the Site will in no way be treated as confidential. Consequently, the simple transmission of such information by you confers us the right to use, reproduce and disseminate, modify or transmit it in view to processing your demand.

7. Cookies

During your visits, you are informed that a cookie may be automatically installed in your browser. A cookie is a small text file that is not used for identification purposes but to save information relating to your browsing on the Site. It permits analyses of traffic, audience ratings, etc. in order to improve the quality of the Site.

The programming of your Internet browser informs you of the presence of cookies and, possibly, of how to refuse them in the following way:

with the browser Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x et 6.x: on the menu bar click on the “Tools” option and then on “Internet options”, select the “Confidentiality” tab, then move the cursor to the desired level of security or click on the “Advanced” button, then on “Override automatic cookie handling” and tick the option “refuse” or “ask” for each column;

with the browser Netscape Navigator 6.2: on the menu bar click on “Edit” then on “Preferences”, select “Privacy and security”, then choose the item “cookies” and tick “disable” or “ask me”;

with the browser Mozilla Firefox version 1.x and 1.5: on the menu bar click on “Tools” and then on “Options”, select the tabs “Private life” then “Cookies” and deselect the “authorise” box;

with the browser Apple Safari: go to the menu “Safari > Safari preferences” then click on the “Security” tab  and click on “Only from websites consulted”.

Certain services cannot be accessed if cookies are rejected.

You are entitled to access, correct and delete your personal data communicated via cookies  subject to the conditions provided in paragraph “Personal data”.

8. Hyperlinks

CNR cannot be held responsible for the hyperlinks inserted to direct you to other sites, in particular regarding the content of these sites.

CNR is not responsible for the hyperlinks that lead to this Site and forbids anyone whomsoever to insert a hyperlink without its prior written permission.

9. Warning on temporary information

The Site may contain certain non-historic data by way of declarations of a temporary nature, particularly prospective declarations regarding events, trends, plans or future ambitions. These declarations are based on the Management’s current outlook and hypotheses and are subject to substantial risks and contingencies liable to cause a significant difference between the real results and those explicitly or implicitly expressed in these declarations (or previous results). Additional information on these risks and contingencies can be found in the documents registered by CNR with the competent authorities. Provisional declarations are presented on a certain date and CNR does not undertake to update them or revise them, whether due to new information or future events, or for any other reason.

10. General clauses and conditions

Any transfer, or other transmission of the rights conferred by the present conditions, is strictly forbidden.

If, for any reason whatsoever, a competent jurisdiction considers that a condition of the present Conditions is invalid, the invalidity of this condition shall in no way affect the validity of the other conditions which shall remain in force.

The non-utilisation by one of the parties of a right or omission to take legal action with respect to the terms of these conditions cannot be considered a renouncement of such right or capacity to take such action.

The Site is subject to French law. The present Conditions shall be governed by, and interpreted in accordance with, French law.

11. Utilisation of cookies

During your access to this Site, a Session ID cookie can be installed automatically and be conserved temporarily in the memory of your hard disk to facilitate your browsing. The cookie will be eliminated once your session has been closed. A cookie is a small data file generated randomly that a Web site can send to the hard disk of a personal computer to facilitate your browsing and rationalise your saving procedures. By definition, a cookie does not allow us to identify you.

You can, if you wish, oppose the saving of these session cookies by configuring your browser to this end. However, by doing so you may modify or hinder your capacity to browse on the Site.

Social plug-ins and share buttons on social networks may be present on our Site and, provided you give your consent, give you access to the function which allows you share content from this Site with other persons on social networks or to make known your consultation or opinion on the content of our site with other persons (social plug-ins “I like”, “share”, etc.).

Whether or not you use social networks, the simple presence of these social plug-ins means that cookies may be installed on your hard disk to track your browsing and identify your centres of interest.

We have no control over the processes used by social networks to collect data relating to your browsing on our site.

The diffusion and use of cookies by these third parties are subject to their specific privacy protection policies. We invite you to obtain information on them to identify the purposes underlying their use, especially advertising, and the browsing data they may collect through plug-in applications in order for you to choose. These protection policies must in particular allow you to make your choices regarding these social networks, by programming your user accounts for each of these networks.

You can, if you so decide, refuse the installation of these cookies by following the procedure indicated on your Internet browser (see the procedure to follow below), as a function of the conditions that best suit your preferences. You can modify your choice at any time.

Furthermore, to analyse your preferences and provided that your agree, Web beacons or Internet tags may be installed by a third party service provider on certain of our articles and messages to help you identify the pages consulted, count the number of displays and the number of visitors, analyse traffic structure and establish statistics for the most popular contents.

Lastly, audio and video recordings, and podcasts and webcasts are available via third party service providers. When you access the site and subject to your agreement, said third parties may install cookies on your hard disk to help us identify the most popular contents.

The procedure to follow to refuse the installation of such “third party” cookies is the following, according to the conditions proposed that best suit your preferences:

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Choose the menu “Tools” then “Options”
2. Click on the “Privacy” icon
3. On the “Cookie” menu, select the options that suit your preferences.

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Choose the “Tools” menu then ‘Internet options”
2. Click on the icon “Confidentiality”
3. Use the curser to select the level of confidentiality desired

For Chrome:
1. Go to the menus Chrome / Preferences
2. Click on “Show advanced settings”
3. Click on “Content settings” in the Privacy section
4. Click on “Cookies and site data” in the new window
5. Click on “Remove all” and confirm by clicking on “OK”

For Safari:
Go to the Safari menu / Safari preferences
Click on “Privacy”
In “Block cookies”, tick “Always”

To know the options offered by any other web browser and the procedures for deleting cookies stored in your workstation, the CNIL describes the steps to be followed to reduce your tracks on the web on the following site and, more generally, informs you of the cookie programming parameters:

If you decide to continue browsing, you consent to using these ‘third party” cookies on our site. You can modify your choice at any time if desired.

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