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The guided tours can be adapted to the level of the pupils, school programmes and teaching projects. Major themes can be set out: water, energy, the environment, sustainable development, territory, energy transition, civil engineering structures, architecture, heritage, history, electricity, mechanics, industry.

The extras of the tour

  • Guided tours adapted to the ages of the types of public and school programmes.
  • Tools for pedagogical and lively instruction (handling, experiments) for understanding hydroelectricity.
  • Unique access to the heart of the industrial facility, from the machine room to the control room.
  • A games booklet for year 5 and 6 primary school pupils.

All the information for organising your tour

  • Admission from 8 years old
  • Reservation obligatory
  • Groups of 20 people (a class will be split into 2 groups)
  • Picnic area close by
  • Carpark

Teaching objectives

Discover and understand:

  • A large enterprise in the Rhone Valley
  • Renewable energy production
  • The trades of the energy sector
  • The stakes of sustainable development

Teaching project

Specific themes can be developed between you and the tour guide, depending on the teaching project.

For year 5 and 6 primary school children

  • Discovery and observation: understanding the industrial nature of the site, reading the landscape, initiation in technical scientific vocabulary.
  • Awareness of the uses of water and energy.
  • Initiation in the notions of climate change, energy transition and the role of the individual.

For secondary school children

  • Understanding the interactions between human beings and the environment, between resources and production, between the stakes of energy transition and belonging to the community.
  • The notions of territory, development and energy.
  • Discovery of how the energy of water is transformed into electricity and learning the associated technical language.

For college students

  • A case study of territorial development regarding its economic, social and environmental dimensions.
  • Understanding the techniques of renewable energy production and their place in energy transition.
  • Knowledge of the trades involved in hydroelectricity.

For university students

  • Production sites that provide lessons in electricity, mechanics, physics and materials, energy and the environment, civil engineering.
  • Understanding the professions linked to the operation of hydroelectricity installations.
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The site of Génissiat

Centrale Léon Perrier Rue Marcel Paul – 01200 Injoux Génissiat

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Site of Bollène

Centrale André Blondel - 84500 Bollène

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