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Visits to renewable energy sites

The guided visits to our hydropower, wind power and solar power sites are adapted to the level of your pupils, your school programmes and your teaching projects.

Major themes can be adapted: water, energy, the environment, sustainable development, the territory, energy transition, civil engineering structures, architecture, heritage, history, electricity, mechanics, industry.

The + of the visits

Guided visits adapted to the age of the visitors and to school programmes.

Pedagogical and entertaining mediation resources (handling, experimentation) to understand renewable energies.

Unique access to the heart of an industrial installation.

Specific themes can be developed with you and the guide-lecturer depending on the pedagogical project.

All the information to organise your visit

  • Groups cannot exceed 30 people (a class will be split into 2 groups)
  • The visit lasts about 2 hours
  • Open from mid-February to mid-December
  • Free
  • Carpark and picnic area near the hydroelectricity sites.
  • You must wear flat shoes that cover the whole foot (for example, trainers or hiking shoes). If these conditions are not met, you may be refused access to the site. As the visit is conducted wholly on foot, it is preferable to wear comfortable clothes.

Your safety is our priority

  •  All adult visitors must show proof of identity (valid identity card or passport, or French driving licence provided that the photograph resembles the holder).
  • Group limited to 30 people with the obligatory presence of 2 accompanying persons (limited to the pedagogical team).
  • A list of pupils and accompanying persons must be communicated before the visit; access to the site is forbidden to persons not on the list.
  • Any action contrary to or not in compliance with the safety rules during the visit will lead to the immediate halting of the visit and the evacuation of the group outside the CNR site.


Reservation obligatory via the contact or by telephone


Département de l’Ain (01)


Département du Vaucluse (84)

Wind farm and solar power sites

Throughout France

Pedagogical paths

In addition to the guided tours, CNR invites school groups to explore the surroundings of its wind farms and photovoltaic plants, wandering along educational trails.

Educational panels help students understand how a wind or solar farm works, while marveling at the richness of local biodiversity.

Discover them !


Reservation obligatory

via the contact form or by telephone on 04 78 95 71 78

Pedagogical media

Our pedagogical media are adapted to each academic age group, to prepare visits to our industrial sites of Génissiat and Bollène.

You can also consult our platform of pedagogical resources At the Source.





Pedagogical media

  • For primary school children

    • Discovery and observation: understand the industrial nature of the site, read the landscape, initiation in scientific and technical language.
    • Awareness of the uses of water and energy.
    • Initiation in the notions of climate change, energy transition and the role of the individual.
  • For secondary school pupils

    • Understand the interactions between human beings and the environment, between resources and production, between challenges of energy transition and individual responsibility.
    • Notions of territory, development and energy.
    • Discovery of the transformation of the energy of water into electricity and learning the technical language linked to this transformation.
  • For high school pupils

    • The study of the case of territorial development relating to its economic, social and environmental dimensions.
    • Understand renewable energy production techniques and their place in energy transition.
    • Know the professions of hydroelectricity.
  • For students

    • Production sites that provide lessons in electricity, mechanics, physics and materials, energy and the environment, civil engineering.
    • Understand the professions related to the operation of hydropower plants.

Our sites to visit

Discover our Hydropower, Solar power and Wind power facilities in France

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