As France’s leading producer of 100% renewable energy, CNR is launching industrial tourism so that the general public can discover its activities. In 2018 it will open two of its heritage sites to the public; Génissiat (Ain/Haute-Savoie) and Bollène (Vaucluse).

The guided tours allow the public to understand how electricity is produced from natural sources: water, wind and sun. At the heart of these two gems of French post-war industrial history, visitors will be guided through heritage sites that are still active, in which the grand architecture of that period still fulfils its purpose thanks to modern operating equipment. By opening these two sites to tours, CNR is enhancing its industrial heritage and is contributing to the Rhone’s Valleys attractiveness for tourism and to its economic dynamism.

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France’s leading producer of 100% renewable energy (water, wind, sun), CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône) has conceived a unique redistributive model around the Rhone concession that combines electricity production and territorial development. Since 1934, it has exploited and developed the river in the framework of three missions entrusted to it by the State: electricity production, developing river navigation, favouring irrigation and assisting agriculture. Thus it has built 19 hydroelectricity development schemes on the Rhone and opened the navigable waterway from Lyon to the Mediterranean.

An industrial model in the general interest, CNR plays a major role in developing the territories crossed by the Rhone. Its philosophy is based on close consultation with the stakeholders and the spirit of joint creation for the benefit of all. With its Missions in the General Interest, it redistributes part of the resources generated from the river for sustainable projects that create jobs. More than 500 actions have already been carried out in favour of river transport, the environment, green energy, tourism and heritage.
A key actor in energy transition and the combat against climate change, CNR innovates daily as a laboratory for tomorrow’s energies in the service of the territories.

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Site of Génissiat

Centrale Léon Perrier Rue Marcel Paul – 01200 Injoux Génissiat

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Site of Bollène

Centrale André Blondel - 84500 Bollène

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