How to dress for the tour?

You must come wearing flat and closed shoes (e.g., sneakers). If you do not comply with these conditions, you may be refused access to the site. The tour is carried out wholly on foot and you should wear comfortable clothes since it lasts an hour and half.

What equipment is provided on site?

You will be equipped with a helmet and reflective bib for safety reasons. In addition, at Génissiat you will have earphones to listen to the guide’s commentary. Handbags, cell phones, laptop computers, cameras, Dictaphones and all dangerous objects are forbidden during the tour. Cloakrooms are available at each site for you light belongings. Cases and large rucksacks cannot be left in the cloakrooms.

What should I bring on the day of the tour?

To participate in the tour, you must bring valid proof of identity (identity card or passport). Since ticketing is nominative, the identity of the participants will be checked before each visit. You will be refused entry if you do not present your proof of identity.

Can children participate in the tours?

Yes, from 8 years old. The tour takes the visitors close to the industrial facilities so good behaviour is required.

How many people can participate in a tour?

The tours are limited to 20 people to ensure the safety of each visitor and provide good quality service. For groups of more than 20 people, the tour procedures will be established between CNR and the organiser.

Can I take photographs and videos during the tour?

In order to protect CNR’s industrial property, it is forbidden to take photographs and videos inside the hydropower plants.

How accessible are the sites?

All the spaces dedicated to the tour are accessible to reduced mobility people. We remind you that the tour, which lasts an hour and a half, is taken wholly by foot.

Can the visit be made with a pacemaker ?

It is not recommended for pacemakers and defibrillators implanted to be near electromagnetic fields, so the visit of the Génissiat dam is not recommended for these people.

Can I cancel my inscription or change the timeslot after having reserved on the Internet site?

The choice of day and time is definitive. Since demand is high, once you have reserved, you can no longer change the date or time of the tour. For organisational reasons, your place is guaranteed for the timeslot chosen. If you have already reserved but can no longer come, please inform the plant by email. The places are limited for safety reasons; by cancelling your visit within good time, you leave your place for other interested visitors.

Is it possible to reserve for several people?

Yes, you can reserve for up to 8 people. To do this, simply enter the participants one by one in the fields provided for this purpose in the reservation form. Caution: each participant must have an identity card or passport. A single identity document for a group is not sufficient!

Can a tour be cancelled?

Tours can be cancelled without notice by the authorities for reasons of public order. This may also be the case for major maintenance works or in case of maintenance. Please refer to our general sales conditions for the reimbursement procedures.