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A 360° tour!

You will discover the entire site accompanied by professional tour guides. The tour lasts about two hours.

The exterior circuit gives you:

  • exceptional viewpoints upstream and downstream of the hydropower plant, the wind farm, and the ground-based solar power plant.
  • a close-up view of the lock and its monumental arced gates. You will perhaps be lucky enough to see a boat pass through.

The interior circuit will lead you into:

  • a fine presentation space dedicated to the history of CNR and the site: photos, films, mock-ups, etc.
  • a pedagogical gallery where you will learn how electricity is produced, whether from water, wind or sun.
  • a vertiginous view over the impressive machine room.
  • the former control room kept in its original state since the mid- 70s. A guaranteed immersion in history!

The extras of the tour

  • Unique access into the heart of the plant.
  • Exceptional access to edge of the lock.

Visit a national myth in a vale of green

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Be at the heart of renewable energies

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